The Law Office of Joe Ramboldt, LLC handles a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor drug cases in Federal, Missouri and Kansas State and Municipal courts. Many drug cases arise out of traffic stops. This is a very technical area of the law, so it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable law office on your side. It is important in each individual case to determine whether law enforcement had probable cause to stop and search your vehicle.
Rows of Cocaine and Bundle of Money — Drug Charges Attorney in Leawood, KS
A Drug conviction can make you ineligible for some types of employment and may make you ineligible for financial aid if you intend on attending college.

Law enforcement will sometimes ask you to cooperate in order to mitigate your sentence. Typically, only the prosecutor or district attorney can offer you a deal for your cooperation. You should contact our office if law enforcement is attempting to get you to cooperate with them.

If you have been charged with any of these Drug Crimes you should contact our office immediately. Our experience in these cases is that a lot of time the only evidence the Prosecutors have against our clients are our client’s own admissions or statements. It is very important you do not make any statements until you contact an attorney.

  • Possession with Intent to Sell
  • Possession of Drugs
  • Possession of Drugs and Guns
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Prescription Drug Fraud
  • Using Prescription Drugs for Illegal Purposes
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
If you have been charged with a Drug case, you need a reputable and aggressive attorney on your side. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can protect your rights, and confidently guide you through the legal process. At the Law Office of Joe Ramboldt, LLC, we have helped numerous clients fight their Drug charges. We are determined to achieve success in court and are not afraid to challenge or negotiate with prosecutors to get our clients’ charges amended or dismissed.

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